What to Pack for Your Dog's Overnight Boarding Stay

What to Pack for Your Dog's Overnight Boarding Stay

Posted on June 4th, 2023

When you're preparing for a trip, whether it's for business or leisure, there's always one thought that crosses every pet owner's mind - "What about my dog?" It's a common dilemma. You're excited about your upcoming journey, but you're also apprehensive about leaving your loyal furry friend behind. You want to ensure that they are in safe hands, well-cared for, and happy in your absence. And that's where Luna & Hounds comes into the picture.

Located in the heart of Redwood City, California, Luna & Hounds is more than just a dog boarding service. We're a haven for dogs, a place where your pet is treated like a cherished family member. We understand the unique needs of each dog that steps through our doors and are committed to providing them with an environment that is as close to their home setting as possible.

From cozy sleeping areas to sprawling play spaces, from nutritious meals to engaging activities like off-leash hikes and neighborhood walks, we endeavor to make each moment enjoyable and comfortable for our furry guests. However, even as we pull out all the stops to ensure your dog feels at home, there's an important part that you, as the pet owner, can play to make their stay even better - packing the right items for their boarding stay.

Essential Items for Comfort and Care

Firstly, consider your dog’s daily essentials. Your pet's regular food is a must, as a sudden change in diet can lead to digestive upsets. Pack sufficient meals, considering the length of your dog's stay, and add a little extra in case of delays. If your dog is on medication, don’t forget to pack it along with detailed instructions on dosage and timing.

It's not just the necessities, but also your dog's favorite comfort items. Bring their well-loved blanket, bed, or pillow, as the familiar smells can provide a sense of security. Don't forget your pup’s favorite toy, which can act as a stress-reliever and entertainment source.

Health and Wellness

When packing for an overnight stay at a dog boarding service, think about health and wellness. Current vaccination records are often required. These documents are a key part of ensuring a safe environment for all our furry guests. We recommend also packing any flea or tick prevention products your dog uses regularly.

Pack a basic first aid kit. While Luna & Hounds has medical equipment and trained staff on hand, it can be reassuring to have your own set of supplies. Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any breed or dog-specific items recommended by your vet.

Special Instructions and Comforting Extras

Pack a note of any special instructions. Perhaps your pup is shy with new people or likes to be fed at a specific time. These small details can make all the difference in your dog's comfort during their stay.

Consider bringing an old t-shirt or pillowcase that smells like you. Your scent can provide significant comfort to your pup, especially during their first few nights away from home.

Get Active with Luna & Hounds

If your dog is a fan of our Off Leash Hike or Neighborhood Walk services, don't forget to pack for these activities too. A durable leash, harness, and outdoor-friendly toys are great additions to your dog's overnight packing list.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Despite our best planning, sometimes unexpected situations occur. Packing a copy of your vet’s contact information, along with written consent for emergency treatment, ensures we can handle any potential emergencies effectively.

The Importance of Identification

Last but not least, make sure your dog’s collar has an identification tag with your current contact details. If your dog is microchipped, ensure the information is up to date. This is an important precaution, giving you peace of mind during your dog’s boarding stay.

A Word About Dietary Needs

Some pets have specific dietary restrictions or preferences. If your pet is on a special diet, or you want to ensure they're getting the exact same food they get at home, make sure to pack their food, along with detailed instructions on portion sizes and feeding times. It's also beneficial to pack their treats, which can help reinforce positive behavior and maintain the routine they're used to at home.

Let's Talk About Hygiene

Dog hygiene is another critical aspect to remember. Pack your dog's regular grooming tools - brushes, combs, dog shampoo, nail clippers, and more. This way, your dog can enjoy its usual grooming routine, maintaining cleanliness and comfort. A well-groomed dog is a happy dog, and we at Luna & Hounds are all about dog happiness.

Their Favorite Entertainment

Just like humans, dogs can get bored too. Packing their favorite chew toys, interactive games, and even dog-friendly puzzles can make their stay more enjoyable and engaging. These toys will keep them busy, mentally stimulated, and less likely to miss you. This is especially important if your dog is staying with us for an extended period.

Remember Their Walking Accessories

At Luna & Hounds, we take the exercise needs of your dog very seriously. If you regularly use specific walking accessories with your dog, such as a harness, a specific leash, or even a doggy backpack, make sure to pack these items. Familiar equipment can make the transition to our walking and hiking services smoother and more comfortable for your pup.

A Final Tip

Above all, keep in mind that every dog is different, and what works for one might not work for another. It's always best to pack based on your dog's unique needs and preferences.

Our goal at Luna & Hounds is to offer a stress-free environment where your pup feels safe, secure, and loved. Your careful packing plays a crucial role in achieving this goal, ensuring your pet has everything they need to feel at home during their stay.

We understand leaving your furry friend can be a tough decision, but rest assured, we will care for your pup like our own. At Luna & Hounds, your pet will enjoy a loving, caring, and fun environment, leaving you to enjoy your time away with peace of mind.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any queries, concerns, or additional information about our dog walking and boarding services. We're here to provide you with all the necessary guidance for your dog's perfect overnight stay. Reach out to us at (703) 727 0040 or [email protected]. We’re excited to welcome your beloved pet to our Luna & Hounds family!

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